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Member Newsletter

Member Newsletter [pdf]
Boletín para Miembros [pdf]

Looking for a Provider?

THA Provider Directory
List of THA providers and contact information.

Primary Care Physician (PCP), Hospital & Urgent Care Locations

Member Handbook

Member Handbook [pdf]
Manual para Miembros [pdf]

Privacy Practices and Disclosure of Information

Notice of Privacy Practices [pdf]

Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Information [pdf]
THA will not share your information with anyone without your consent. If there is someone or somewhere that you would like us to be able to share information with, please fill out our Disclosure of Information form and mail it to us with your initials and signature.

Classes and Other Resources

Tuality Health and Education Center (THEC)
THEC is located on 8th Avenue across from the main Tuality Hospital. There are many classes held here that are covered by the THA/OHP plans. Please visit this website and call for more information about cost of classes for THA/OHP members.

Expand Me  Resources for those with Chronic Diseases & Conditions

Appeal Forms

If you have been denied a service and received a letter from THA about your denial, you also received letters on how to appeal or challenge your denial. These are copies of the letters you received with your denial if you have lost your original copies. Appeal requests must be made within 45 days of the date of notice (located on the denial letter). You must make the appeal yourself or you can ask your doctor for help, but your doctor cannot appeal without your permission.